SAFE Technical Assistance Virtual Meetings

January 16, 2024, 1-2:30pm

Topic: This Mix

The purpose of this call is to address common challenges such as:

  • Personal characteristics
  • Infertility
  • Sexual compatibility
  • Criminal history
  • Adult children

May 29, 2024, 1-2:30pm

Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation

The purpose of this phone call is to discuss and provide guidance on the critical migration process of the SAFE Tool

  • Describe the purpose of mitigation
  • Explain sustain, reduce and erase related to the toul
  • Explain what and how to gather outside evidence
  • Explain how to document this in a report

July 30, 2024, 1-2:30pm

Prep, Trends and Tips

The purpose of this call is to assist practitioners in preparing for interviews when there are concerns to be discussed.

  • Discuss the information gathering necessary to discuss topics such as trauma and criminal history with applicants
  • Discuss the impacts on parenting when complex issues such as trauma, generational child rearing differences, are present in a family
  • Guidance on interviewing and gathering information during meetings with applicants.

November 12, 2024, 1pm -2:30pm


The purpose of this call is to provide a supervisor specific technical assistance issue.

  • Discuss best practice of supporting SAFE practitioners during the process
  • Share tips on how to structure of staffing
  • Discuss how to handle turnover

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More Details on the SAFE Technical Assistance Virtual Meetings


WCWPDS is teaming with the Consortium for Children, owners of the Structure Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) standardized home study tool, to offer SAFE Technical Assistance (TA) virtual meetings. The goal is to help workers with interviewing and other common struggles with the tool. This is for all users of the SAFE tool. Supervisors are encouraged to attend with their workers.

A SAFE trainer will lead the discussion. The first hour of the meeting is Q&A with an opportunity to ask general questions. The second half will focus on engagement, time management, and preparing for meeting with the family.

To register and receive the meeting information please contact:

Submitting questions beforehand is welcomed and encouraged. Please emails questions or areas to review to

If you have any event related questions, please email WCWPDS at