Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE)

The Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) tool, Consortium for Children’s standardized home study tool, is required for licensing a home for foster care and approval for adoption. Workers conducting home studies and supervisors administering and approving SAFE studies are required to attend training as described below.

To learn more about the tool, please follow this link to the Consortium for Children’s website.

If you have questions about how the SAFE tool is used in Wisconsin, please review this memo  and Chapter DCF. 56, Administrative Code.

Technical Assistance

The SAFE staff is available for technical and clinical support throughout the SAFE process. The SAFE website has several resources for home study practitioners, including but not limited to the Skill Building Articles & Tools section and the Supervisor section. These sections can be located to the left of the main downloads page, under the “Member Resource Center” banner.

The Skill Building Articles & Tools section includes articles about alcohol, pornography, and questions for LGBT applicants, as well as the Nelson Home Study (a sample study put together by SAFE trainers) and the Harvesting Sheet. There is also an article that outlines the mitigation process.

The Supervisor section contains tools for Supervisors such as the Home Study Practitioner Skills Assessment and the SAFE Supervisor Flow Chart.

Please note that both the Skill Building section and the Supervisor section are only available via the downloads link that is received after email validation.

SAFE Home Study Website


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